Posted by: Kath Usitalo | September 8, 2013

Sunday Snapshot

Sweet stop on the AuSable River with sis Karen

Sweet little roadside stop along the AuSable River with sis Karen

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  1. hi – and I don’t know how to get a response to this post – I am trying to find out where exactly this is so i can see it and i have commented, replied, etc without getting a response back , Please tell me how to ask a question and get a response , thank you


    • Hello:

      I apologize for not responding earlier. My computer melted down earlier this week and I’ve been busy trying to “fix” it (no such luck), retrieve information and get set up on a new one!

      That spot is near Grayling (sort of) at the Riverview Lodge and Cabins; it’s not a park. We were driving by and thought the setting was so pretty we stopped to find out about the cabins, then were tempted to take the steps down to the river.

      The cabins and lodge were all occupied so we couldn’t get a tour, but they look really nice and as you can see the setting is beautiful.

      Here’s the website:

      Thanks for checking in at Great Lakes Gazette and for your patience!


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