Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 4, 2009

Wheel Admiration

Our smile-making minivan.

We drive a smile machine.

Wherever we go people grin, stare, point, give a “thumbs up” and occasionally take pictures of our Dodge Caravan.  Some have asked if its paint job was an act of vandalism or done intentionally.  It was not only intentional—it was inspired!

Mostly, folks are incredulous when I explain that my husband is an artist who decided that our aging plain silver transportation unit would make a great canvas.   And that last August, on the evening before the Woodward Dream Cruise (Detroit’s annual classic car crazy event) Tom dragged out to our driveway a huge fan, a bunch of sponges, rollers, and half-dozen brilliant colors of paint, and splattered our minivan to create a rolling work of art.

And no, I was not upset that he did it.

The artist and the palette

Even if he didn’t consult me first.  And yes, I like it this way.  So do the kids and (most of) their friends.  Really.

I’ve told countless admirers of the splattered van that Tom would be happy to apply his talent to their cars.  Some people just laugh and shake their heads with a “thanks, but no thanks.”  A few have claimed they would go for it if they weren’t driving a lease vehicle.  I can’t tell you how many have confided, “I’d do it but my husband/wife would kill me.”  I say, “It’s just a car!”

A work in progress

But this is Detroit, and despite our current automotive woes we love our cars.  At least a few believe Tom committed a sacrilegious act with his paint cans.

This weekend thousands of people who are passionate about their vehicles will head to Cobo Center in downtown Detroit for the 57th Autorama, a showcase for hot rods and cool customized cars, trucks, and choppers.

Tom will be there—he loves cars too.   I don’t know if he’ll convince anyone to let him custom-paint their lovingly restored, kandy apple red street rod.  I do know that on the way to and from the show, he and the splattered van will cause a lot of people to smile.  That’s something I have wheel admiration for, and one of the benefits of being married to a car crazy artist (or is it crazy car artist?).

Happy Birthday, TJ!splatter_van_frnt_3309

This morning before school, Paige made the best banana muffins for Tom’s birthday.  Easy and quick!



  1. Kath / Tom — be sure to tell ‘um it’s another great Chrysler produce when people admire the smile machine. You guys are a hoot. Love TPY

    • Maybe Bobby N will have Tom create a line of splatter vans!

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