Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 11, 2009

Snow Fix

The snow is gone from our neighborhood and most of the Detroit area, unless you count the ugly piles of it, tainted black, pushed to the corners of parking lots. But I’m not ready for spring. I want more of the white stuff, and it’s not because I ski or (as mentioned yesterday) snowmobile.

Pink snow at Blue Skies

Pink snow at Blue Skies on an early morning trek

I do like to snowshoe, and up at Blue Skies we have a couple of pairs of both the newer, aluminum models and traditional wooden snowshoes, handmade by Iversons in the UP town of Shingleton. They have been making snowshoes from bent white ash for more than 40 years. Those are the shoes I strap on for a walk on the beach or in the woods.

There’s still good snow Up North, and I hope to make another trip before it disappears. In the meantime, I can get a snow fix by checking on the following Web cams:

Snowman Cam, Gaylord
This guy enjoys a worldwide following; you’ll often see deer or squirrels keeping him company.×480.htm

Michigan Snow Cams
Views of the Houghton/Hancock Portage Canal Lift Bridge and other Keweenaw locations.

Keweenaw Snow Thermometer
Roadside landmark measures Copper Country snowfall.

Michigan Webcams from
A choice of locations around the state, from Detroit to the Soo Locks.



  1. So, when are we leaving? I’ve got my snowshoes and boots ready whenever you are. I’ve only worn them once. At least they got used. My ski boots, on the other hand, are still in the box…actually, they made it as far as the boot bag. I already miss all the clean snow.

  2. Kath – Boo – You can’t golf in the snow!!!

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