Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 23, 2009

Army Keeps Yarden Safe

Warriors on patrol in our yarden

Warriors on patrol in our yarden, keeping it pest-free for 18 years

Sun is shining, temperature’s rising, and we are enjoying a few early bloomers in the yarden, which is begging for attention. As warm as it will be in Detroit Metro through the weekend, Mother Nature still has a few cold snaps in store for Michigan between now and Memorial Day Weekend, the recommended start date for planting in our zone.

The most we should do right now is clean up the remaining old leaves, broken twigs, and miscellaneous debris that has collected in our yarden over the winter. Maybe spread some compost (that bin is full!) and rearrange some rocks and bowling balls.

Yard art ready to roll into place

And make plans to move and add plants—a never-ending project (that I’m not particularly good at but happen to enjoy) at this house. We have no grass, just a variety of ground cover and perennials, so although our yard is fairly small, it takes a lot of plants to fill the space.

Most important is the rallying of the troops. In lieu of pesticides or herbicides I rely on our Yarden Army to keep the bugs at bay.

It started when Graham was a toddler playing with plastic Army guys in the yarden. We lost track of some in all that ground cover, and decided they’d gone off to do battle with intruding pests.

Our Green Army has worked for about 20 years; we’ve yet to have anything really bug us.

I do need to see the General (Dollar General) to replenish the battalion. Each year some of the guys go AWOL. I have no doubt they’ll return to their posts some day, when Mother Earth pushes them back into service.

Keeping our yarden safe and green

Wonder if I can muster another unit to attack the chaos in the garage.

It would be a dollar well spent.



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