Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 29, 2009

Great Lakes Day is Dawning


Sunrise at Keweenaw Bay, Lake Superior

Sunrise at Keweenaw Bay, Lake Superior

With all the “Love Your Mother” talk surrounding Earth Day a week ago I wondered whether there is a Great Lakes Day. Seems like the largest bodies of freshwater on the planet are deserving of some hoopla, too.

I checked the Web and water ya know: There is an annual Great Lakes Days in Washington (February 24-25 this year). Sounds like a dry affair: Representatives of the 110 environmental groups of the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition flooded Capitol Hill and met with members of Congress to discuss the importance of the lakes, and push for support and funding for protection and restoration of the waters. For starters, they don’t want to lose sight of the $5 billion promised last year by then-Presidential candidate Obama. 

My surfing also revealed a grassroots effort, based right here in Michigan, to create an International Great Lakes Day. The first celebration is set for Tuesday, May 19, 2009 and revolves around school activities. Hopes are for a ripple effect that will spread recognition and support, so that eventually Great Lakes Day will make as big a splash as Earth Day. 

A good read and a charcoal drawing of freighters by our son Graham when he was younger

A good read by Jerry Dennis and a charcoal drawing of freighters by our son Graham when he was a lad


Mark your calendar for Great Lakes Day, and in the meantime pick up a copy of The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of the Inland Seas by Jerry Dennis of Traverse City. His appreciation and knowledge of and respect for these natural wonders come through in his every adventure, on every page.

The Living Great Lakes is recognized as “A Read Michigan Notable Book” by the Library of Michigan, and is available from swell book sources like the Great Lakes Literary Art Center at Shaman Drum Bookshop, Ann Arbor. 







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