Posted by: Kath Usitalo | May 18, 2009

Michigan Week: Unbuttoned, Still Magical


An August afternoon in Les Cheneaux, Eastern Upper Peninsula

Michigan Week hit the double nickel this year. Since 1954 it’s provided a reason for communities, schools and groups to celebrate the state’s history and specialness.

The official dates are May 16-22, but don’t expect major hoopla. Events are low-key; the Michigan Week Web site admits, “Due to limited state resources, we can no longer provide printed items such as posters or sponsor some of the state-level activities that were part of Michigan Week in previous years.”

So we don’t have buttons broadcasting a theme like 1997’s “Celebrate the Magic of Michigan: It’s No Illusion.” Instead of apologizing, the state should explain that in an effort to “go green” it is saving resources by eliminating frivolous promotional items.

Does anyone really miss these metal buttons and the holes their pin backs made in clothing?

Besides, does anyone really like those metal buttons with pins that make holes in clothing that require a magician to repair? Michigan is plenty magical without them.

This is no hocus-pocus: travel deals are plentiful across Michigan, so now is a good time to plan a Great Lakes State getaway. 

If you need a reminder or introduction to the state, take a look at the new Pure Michigan ads that are appearing on cable TV stations across the nation, then order your free Michigan Travel Ideas magazine and start packing.



  1. Hello again 🙂
    Funny, I asked Mike if he had ever heard of Michigan Week, since he’s on the Board of Directors on both the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce and the Benzie Chamber of Commerce, he said ‘no’ and neither have I. I suppose this was never a highly publisized event?

  2. Hi Iris:
    It was big at my elementary school way back when, and they tried promoting it to the general public in the 1980s-90s, but it’s really fizzled in the last several years.

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