Posted by: Kath Usitalo | June 9, 2009

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter


Sets from Tiger Stadium

A contest prize of Tiger Stadium seats are especially prized now that The Corner is just an empty lot

As I watched the pre-game show on WDIV-TV for game 6 of the Red Wings/Penguin Stanley Cup series, I heard the word “contest” and obediently followed instructions to go to and
enter to win the all-red roomful of furnishings from Gardner White Furniture: Red Wing leather chairs (at least they looked like leather), lamps, tables—-I have no idea what all is included. It doesn’t matter. Where will I put it? It’ll make a nice birthday present for my brother the extreme Wings fan. The fun is in entering. I hear “contest” and—
if the prize is something remotely interesting—I go for it.

It’s an affliction I inherited from Mom, who (back in the days of dial telephones with no automatic redial) had great luck calling radio stations to win prizes. I still have the Stroh’s Beer cooler she won and donated to us. Now, with the advantage of speed dial and redial, I’ve stored several  several radio station contest phone numbers so I’m ready to enter if the prize is appealing, and I occasionally, as this evening, enter contests online. This minor effort has paid off in concert tickets, auto show and movie passes, CDs, T-shirts, a book about Steve Yzerman, Tiger Stadium seats, and tickets to the final game at The Corner. And a fruitcake (which was very tasty, by the way). 

Mission Point

The winner of the Pure Michigan Family Fun TV ad will be able to relax on the lawn of Mackinac Island's Mission Point Resort

While on the WDIV ClickOnDetroit Web site I learned that there’s a contest playing off the popular Pure Michigan TV commercials: Create your version of a :30 video with a theme of Pure  Michigan Romance, Family Fun, or Adventure, and win one of 3 Michigan vacations.

Book Cadillac in the Celebrate Michigan! photo contest

The Westin Book Cadillac will host a winner in the Celebrate Michigan! photo contest

Still photographers: The Detroit News invites you to enter your best shots in its online Celebrate Michigan! photo contest. You could win one of 3 grand prizes at the end of the summer-long competition.

For inspiration (or just to see some gorgeous photography), check out the work of the wonderful shooter behind  the Pure Michigan billboards now appearing on Broadway.

Photographer Chris Arace, who lives and works as a graphic designer in the Detroit area,  found and commented about my blog post on the Big Apple boards. His Web site showcases his Pure Michigan and other work.

Get your creative juices flowing; I’ll stick with speed dialing and clicking online for the random chance to win something….(almost) anything.


  1. It’s happened again. I was reading the Costco Connection, during the commercial breaks, while watching the winged wheelers lose last night when I flipped to the page announcing the annual photo contest. I meant to call you today to see if you saw it this time.

    I also just finished filling out some online sweeps before I read this blog entry.


    • Good luck with those contests. This Friday during the Wings game, please halt all extracurricular activities and send all your energy to the team! 🙂

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