Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 3, 2009

Life’s Wild Path

My wildflower photo with an old Copper Country building as backdrop; Harvey specializes in close up images that show the beautiful detail in each bloom

Harvey Desnick never set out to be the go-to guy on wildflowers in the Keweenaw Peninsula. But when he and his wife Sue moved from Florida to Copper Country in 2005, she fulfilled her dream of owning an antiques shop and tourist cabins while he—well, the former radio broadcaster and graphics business owner needed a creative outlet.

He started snapping photos of native blooms across the Keweenaw Peninsula, and developed a passion for researching, hunting, and recording images of unique varieties—nearly 300 different wildflowers and counting.

Eventually he decided to share his discoveries by opening a gallery, Keweenaw Wildflowers Up Close, in several rooms of his wife’s business, Vic’s Cabins in Kearsarge.

My cousin Ellie chats with Harvey in his wildflower photo gallery

My cousin Ellie chats with Harvey in his wildflower photo gallery

Harvey tapped his graphics expertise to print and display photos of 278 different wildflowers in the free, roadside gallery on U.S. Route 41, north of Calumet. He’s also just published his images in the pictorial, Keweenaw Wildflowers – Blooming Seasons.

The self-taught naturalist puts his radio broadcasting skills to good use in the occasional lectures he gives; on Monday, July 6 at Fort Wilkins State Park in Copper Harbor you’re invited to his talk on 22 orchids native to the Keweenaw Peninsula.

As far as he knows, his is the most comprehensive collection of wildflower photographic art in the state.

Harvey may not have planned this wildflower-strewn path, but it seems it’s where he’s meant to be.

Vic's neon_2705

Our stay at Vic’s Cabins last summer was special because the vintage lodgings are located just a stone’s throw from the house my dad grew up in with his large family (10 siblings!). I’d seen the cabins all my life but, since we stayed at Grandma and Grandpa’s house never had need to spend the night there.

We liked our cabin’s little kitchen, and the very comfy bed. We had a separate TV room where Paige slept, and good-sized bathroom. The cozy accomodations are more spacious than they look from the road, and are very reasonably priced.

And how many accommodations come with their own art gallery?


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