Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 9, 2009

Holy Cow, It Really IS That Good

Moomers ice cream starts here

Of course I’d heard the brouhaha about Moomers Ice Cream. Our (former) neighbors in the 313, who summer in the Traverse City area, raved about it long before “Good Morning America” named Moomers Cherries Moobilee the best ice cream in the nation.

I'm told there's always a line at Moomer's

I'm told there's always a line at Moomers

Paige visited the family-owned Moomers with those neighbors years before I had a chance to test the cream-ations on my recent trip to the Traverse City area. Our daughter is an ice cream aficionado so I figured if she liked it, and GMA agreed, I was obligated—in the name of research—to seek out Moomers and try a scoop of their famous treat.

It’s a short, pleasant country drive west of the Traverse City limits to the Plummer family farm and house of flavors. Sit inside the knotty pine paneled shop, fragrant with the sweet aroma of the housemade waffle cones, or out on the deck overlooking the farm, where the air is scented by the cows that contributed to your dairy delight.

On the rare occasions I do eat ice cream it’s a “baby size” cone. At Moomers I ordered the “small” scoop of butter pecan in the hard to resist waffle cone. It was huge. And I ate every bit. It really is that good.

The perils of trying to eat ice cream and take pictures of your own cone

Pretty please, with a cherry on top: Celebrate National Ice Cream Month this July by enjoying a scoop of your locally-made, hand-scooped, real ice cream. Even if it is a 258.1 mile drive, each way. But who’s counting.




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