Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 23, 2009

Another Indie Java Joint: J.L. Beanery

J.L. Beanery

Coffee with a view at J.L. Beanery

Back in March I talked about frequenting local java joints in Coffee with a Local Flavor. Here’s another to add to the list: J.L. Beanery on Mackinac Island. The tag line, “Mackinac’s Original Coffee House”
may be a jab at the new Starbucks (yes, a Starbucks on Mackinac Island–it’s owned by the Ryba Fudge folks) on the Main vein in town.

Jason and Suzanne Klonowski are in their third season of owning this waterfront spot next to the marina, tucked behind the pretty yellow Bay View Bed & Breakfast. It was mid-afternoon but I’d missed lunch, so decided to stop in for a coffee and sandwich before leaving the island.

J.L. Beanery_8717

It’s a cute place with a great view of the water, and I enjoyed a tasty tuna salad made while-you-wait; another customer raved about the BBQ Pulled Pork he was polishing off. Free WiFi, too.

A young guy was in one of the wicker chairs, absorbed in his computer when a regular customer came in with her purse pup. She proceeded to break the nice quiet of the cafe with several  business calls. I really didn’t want to listen to her problems, but also didn’t feel like risking the wrath of Ms. Realtor or her little dog. What is it with people?

Anyway, friendly college student server, good coffee, decent food,  locally baked pastries, free Internet, and a view you can’t beat.

J.L. Beanery, 906.847.6533 (no Web site)

jl beanery_8716

Late afternoon coffee house reverie broken by customer on cell phone with purse pup watching me from its post at her feet

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