Posted by: Kath Usitalo | August 27, 2009

Recipe File: Autumn in August


It’s 58 degrees on August 27 and it feels like fall. Yesterday it felt
like fall when the kids and I took an all-day drive and explored some small towns on two-lane highways south and west of the 313. We
had a great time but thanks to on-and-off drizzle and the unseasonable temps, we felt chilly and were ready for a supper of warm and quick-to-make comfort food.

Signs in English and German reflect the heritage of Frankenmuth, "Michigan's Little Bavaria'

Signs in English and German reflect the heritage of Frankenmuth, "Michigan's Little Bavaria'

We stopped at a roadside produce stand not far from Dundee, and I spied some cabbage and red potatoes that would saute nicely with the last of the bratwurst I’d picked up on Sunday at Willi’s Sausage in Frankenmuth.

The dish would go well with spicy mustard and  Siebenfelder bread from Frankenmuth’s Bavarian Inn.

A quick meal that seems more like October than August.

(After I thought about it, I realized the ingredients were purchased roughly in the alignment of Longitude -83.7.
What—you mean you don’t think about these things?)


This served the 4 of us. Adjust amounts according to your appetite.

1 Spanish onion, sliced
3 pre-cooked bratwurst, sliced
1/2 head cabbage, sliced
1/2 cup beer
6 small red potatoes
olive oil
caraway seeds
salt and pepper

In a large pan heat the oil and saute the onions until soft or slightly caramelized. Meanwhile, boil the potatoes.

Add the sliced cabbage to the onions and cover with lid. When the cabbage starts to soften, add the sliced bratwurst, beer and caraway seeds (a teaspoon or so). Saute til warmed.

When potatoes are tender, cut in half or quarters and add butter, salt, and pepper to taste.

Serve with a spicy mustard and good bread. Chunky applesauce would have gone nicely, too. (I’ve also made this dish with chunks of apple tossed in at the end til warmed through.)

Frankenmuth Willi's_2196

Just a sampling of sausages made on site at Willi's

Willi's Claim to Fame (the sausage is tasty, too)

Willi's claim to fame (the sausage is tasty, too)

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  1. Oh I wish you had invited me to dinner. Yummmm and that sausage store, wow…nice! 🙂

  2. […] So we headed to the Bavarian-themed town that is home of Bronner’s, The World’s Largest Christmas Store; Zehnder’s, America’s Largest Family-Owned Restaurant; the Bavarian Inn, which also serves the chicken dinner (the two restaurants serve about 2 million each year); Frankenmuth Cheese Haus with its gigantic mouse and endless selection of cheeses; and, mentioned in a previous post, Michigan’s Largest Sausage Display. […]

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