Posted by: Kath Usitalo | February 7, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

On Friday a gray curtain came down on the screen of my laptop, which then emitted a sound that no one who relies on a computer wants to hear: TJ called it the beep of death. On Saturday at the Mac store a nice young Genius named John examined my computer and determined the Main Logic Board had died.

I asked John Genius (that’s the name on his badge) if there was something I’d done to cause the damage, but he assured me that I was not at fault. “It’s a machine,” he said. Machines break. And he hoped I had everything backed up. It’s likely that all of my Mac’s memory will be lost when they perform the laptoposcopy.

Mac should be back by the end of this week. Until then I may blog from TJ’s computer, or I may just concentrate on content for the Web site. If I can find a ribbon for the typewriter.



  1. So sorry to hear your Mac has passed Kath. I think most of us old enough to have owned a 486 or whateverthehell those early things were must share your pain. I currently live on borowed time on a PC using Windows XP – and it’s good enough and I have no desire to walk through the purgatory of upgrading but I know sooner or later I must.

    My answer is Carbonite.

    Just a suggestion: About a year ago I heard an ad for on Kim Kommando or some radio show and decided to try it. It backs up your data files (doesn’t copy the (C) programs) automatically and immediately as you write/save them. It costs about $54.95 a year or so but it’s infinitely better than losing it all. It takes a while to back up (lots!) of files but it’s worth it.

    Especially with all the stuf you do!

    Again – So sory.

    Hope you recover quickly and keep Gazatting — great stuff!


    • Thanks Gary…we were just talking about Carbonite this a.m.

      I regularly back up with Time Machine but I’ve found things have not always made it. So I’ve been putting off going to check to see what’s there (or not)!

  2. 😦

  3. Kath,
    Thanks for your latest post. I so enjoy your GreatLakes writings. I’m sending a link to my siblings in FL and USVI, I’m in Ohio. Also reminded me to sign up for Carbonite.
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Herb: Thanks. The Detroit Free Press had a travel story about USVI today…
      (from Kath via daughter Paige’s computer)

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