Posted by: Kath Usitalo | February 12, 2010

Natural Goodness in a Jar

Naturally Nutty Peanut Butter on lightly toasted apple pecan bread hits the spot on a winter morning

It must have seemed like a nutty idea at the time. A Traverse City mom who wanted a healthy alternative to the major store brand peanut butters decided to create her own natural and organic spread for her three kids, husband, and herself.

From that start Katie Kearny launched her line of Naturally Nutty nut butters, something we first tasted as she scooped out samples during the Detroit Festival of the Arts in the city’s Cultural Center.

A smiling Katie spreads the goodness of her natural butters

Katie radiated the “Health And Happiness” promised on each jar of the handcrafted almond, peanut, and butter toffee peanut butters, which are enhanced with flax and hemp seeds. I recently found the three butters at Hiller’s Market, but her full line is available online at the Naturally Nutty Web site.

All of that organic goodness does not come cheap; I still buy the natural Krema Nut Company or Kroger peanut butter at half the price for most of our uses. (A Great Lakes State company, Krema has been making its all natural peanut butter in Columbus, Ohio since 1898.)

But the good stuff is a nice splurge—and worth it if some of Katie’s natural glow comes packed in each jar.


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