Posted by: Kath Usitalo | February 22, 2010

Accidental Art Happens

The completed wood assemblage covers the hole in the wall; a piece of "the shipwreck" leans in the corner

It started with a garden hose at Blue Skies that was not disconnected last winter, and ended with a very long and gaping hole in the drywall just above the faucet location.

In between there was a frozen pipe, the sickening sound of rushing water behind the wall, and our builder Zeak’s comment along the lines of, “I’ve never seen a pipe burst that way.” Great. Another first. We’ve got a history of hearing, “that’s never happened before.”

We could have asked Zeak to replace the drywall and add an access panel in the unlikely event we’d make the same mistake again and need to replace another length of split pipe, but—since there’s an artist in the family—we decided to cover the opening with a work of art.

TJ works on the wood assemblage to cover the gaping hole where the pipe burst

Months passed, but finally this weekend TJ’s creative juices were flowing and he created an assemblage of wooden objects including driftwood, pieces of barn wood my Grandpa had gathered, a “face” an artist in Finland saw in a knob of a tree that my Mom brought home in her suitcase, and bits of what we call “the shipwreck” found by Graham on our stretch of  beach 12 or 15 years ago.

A face from the Finnish woods

The burst pipe was unfortunate but we love the wall covering, which probably wouldn’t have come together if we didn’t have a hole to cover. Accidental art happens.



  1. Love the “accidental” art! Creativity at its finest. Utilitarian, too.

  2. Kathy, I thought you might appreciate this art…especially when I saw your photos of faces in the woods…

  3. Beautiful! TJ is quite the talented artist! It reminds me of the sculpture that the family made in the movie, “Stepdad.” I think that was the name of it – !?!?! Anyways, it’s gorgemous!

    • I don’t think I saw that movie….but thanks, I’ll pass along the compliment to TJ.

  4. Neat. That face in wood is wonderful. TJ must have a Druid connection? Do you know about “The Green Man”?

    • Now I know about The Green Man. Thanks for the link.

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