Posted by: Kath Usitalo | February 25, 2010

On Meeting a Magichiganian

I took a photo of the van and Voila! As if by magic, the owner appeared!

As we headed home from Blue Skies on Monday we stopped by the public library in St. Ignace so that Paige could use the internet to conduct some urgent business.

She had graciously agreed to skip school so we could extend our stay in the UP, but she needed internet access before we arrived back in the 313 that evening. (No, it was not a homework assignment. It was her friend Gina’s birthday, and it was necessary that she post a greeting. We have our priorities.)

While Paige ran into the library TJ and I stopped to admire a van parked in the lot (yes, we are easily amused).

And PRESTO! Just as I took a picture of the vehicle, the owner appeared.

It was none other than The Humble Magician, P.J. Weber.

I asked if truly is humble. “I try to be,” he answered, as he handed me a business card he pulled out of thin air.

Or out of his pocket. I didn’t notice; I was focused on his tuxedo, wondering if he is always dressed for the stage, even while at the St. Ignace library.

Turns out, having just returned from New York City, he was about to do a show in St. Ignace.

He  lives in the Grand Rapids area, but he has performed around the world—in more than 65 countries to date.

He has entertained presidents of the U.S. and the USSR, and he does school assemblies and birthday parties.

He has made monster trucks and remote radio studios disappear. (Not clear on whether he made them reappear, or if execs hire him as a unique way to pull the plug on bad talent.)

All in all, we had a pleasant chat with a humble Michiganian.

Or rather, a Magichiganian.

If you have something you’d like to make disappear check out the Web site of the Humble Magician. You can also learn a Magic Trick of the Month, such as how to pull a magic wand out of a change purse.

What I’d really like is for him to teach us how to make the winning LOTTO ticket appear.



  1. You and your kin being easily entertained is one of the reasons I get to find out so many fun and interesting things about Michigan….hope you guys continue to be easily amused!

    • Thank you…why stop now—we’ve already “corrupted” our kids that way!? 🙂

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