Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 2, 2010

Hot Dog! It’s Been One Year for the Blog!

Cheesy weenies: Candidate for Official Dog of Michigan?

Today marks the first anniversary of this blog: 283 posts since March 2, 2009.

Hot Dog!

Which reminds me: The Detroit Kennel Club has launched an effort to convince the Powers That Be in Lansing to name an Official Dog for the State of Michigan. The DKC says it should join the 10 or so other states that have designated official dogs.

Sounds to me like 10 other states doing it is an excellent reason to add to our roster of state symbols, which includes the Painted Turtle as the official state reptile and the Mastodon as the official fossil.

My first reaction, if we are going to select a state dog, was to imagine the Coney Dog as representative of Michigan. It’s as symbolic of this area as the Lobster Roll is of Maine.
Next choice for Top Dog: the Ball Park Frank, which originated with the Hygrade tube steak at Detroit’s Tiger stadium in 1959.
Third in line: The cheesy weenie, an undeniably great symbol of obesity, something at which Michigan excels.
Lastly, I thought of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, the motorized monster dog on four wheels that occupies prime floor space at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn.

Then I realized that, since it’s the Detroit Kennel Club that’s pushing the pooches, the dog must be of the purebred, 4-legged variety.

Tucker's Mystery Mix of Terrier and Australian Shepherd is not in the running for Official State Dog of Michigan

The Beagle, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Labrador Retriever, and German Shepherd are the canine candidates proposed to represent Michigan along with the official state soil, Kalkaska sand. Read more about it and vote at either WDIV-TV or the Detroit Free Press.

Dog lovers can check out these breeds and more than 150 other purebred varieties at the 94th Detroit Kennel Club Benched Dog Shows & Obedience Trials this weekend, March 6-7, at Detroit’s Cobo Center.

This is one of only five ‘benched” shows in the U.S., which means the dogs cannot leave the building after they are judged in the show but are required to return to and stay on their benches, with their owners/handlers.

Which means the visiting public has the chance to roam the room to see 160 breeds of dogs and chat with the handlers (and the dogs too, I suppose). Some folks make the show an annual tradition just for the fun of it; others are on a research mission looking for reputable breeders or the ideal dog for their home. There are demonstrations of dog skills, races, seminars, and talks. Not clear about the presence of dog whisperers.

And since this is a Major Event at Cobo, I’d be shocked if you can’t buy Ryba’s fudge in the food court, too.

Now I need to busy myself with getting Lansing to consider making the Coney Dog the official state junk food.

Oh, yeah…then there’s that thing called the Great Lakes Gazette.

Many thanks to all who take the time to read and respond to the blog.




  1. oh but Tucker should run as “official dog of Michigan” He is beautiful

  2. I agree, thank you. Tucker is a GREAT dog. Hope to introduce you two this summer!

  3. I just read of the “state dog” this morning in the paper and think it’s ridiculous. In my former life I dealt alot w/ dogs and breeders and unless the breed originated in Michigan, it’s a mute point. But I’ll vote for the Ballpark weiner. Yum!

    • Agree, since the dogs are not native to Michigan…mute point.
      But as the owner of a Michigan mutt, I think it should be a MUTT point 😉
      Great publicity for the dog show though!

  4. A state dog? Hmmm…. not sure I think we’ll need one, but I’d vote for Tucker if we had one! Look at all that personality!

    Personally, I think the state bird should be changed from the robin, who doesn’t stay to gut out the winters with the rest of us, to the chickadee, which happens to be my favorite!

    • The robin vs. chickadee debate—inspiration for a blog post. Thanks!

  5. Not to be undone by Tucker, I did place a vote for Havanese for my Sophia Loren (Sophie). Congrats on one year — how fast it has gone by.

    • You know how it flies when you’re having fun!

  6. Forgot to say ‘congrats’ on your 1st anniversary…I guess I had just assumed that you’ve been at it for a long time because you have such a great blog! Keep it up, Kath, you’re part of my lovely little morning routine now!

    • Thanks for being such a loyal reader!

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