Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 3, 2010

Carping About Carp

Big fish (by TJ)

I’ve heard the arguments against Asian Carp, the aggressive invader that is entering Lake Michigan via Chicago waterways, but am just starting to read up on the fight against the flying fish.

Michigan Attorney General (and Republican Gubernatorial candidate) Mike Cox has been vocal about the need to stop this unwanted species before it makes itself at home in the Great Lakes, and I finally checked out the Stop Asian Carp Web site.

Among other things I learned that Ted Nugent is anti-Asian Carp; you gotta respect the opinion of the outspoken rocker, political pundit and book author who has been recognized as Michigan Conservationist of the Year.

I still have a lot of research to do on this subject but wanted to alert you to the video on this Web site which shows a CNN reporter on a boat in an Illinois lake as he’s being attacked by multiple fish that fling themselves out of the water and whack him in the chest. At one point he says, “That will leave a mark!”

It’s quite amazing—and scary. I can see how this fish could be a real threat to the ecosystem as well as the boating and fishing industries, not only to Lake Michigan but eventually the rest of the Great Lakes.

Check it out at You’ll find information, a petition and sample letter pressing for action on fighting the invasive species as well as a list of those supporting the effort against the Asian Carp.

No sushi recipes, though.



  1. Holy Crap (I mean Carp)! Thanks for sharing this video — more people need to see it.

    • Tell fisherman Steve to be careful out there.

  2. […] my March 3 Carping About Carp post I mentioned the controversy about the potential invasion of the Great Lakes by the Asian Carp, a […]

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