Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 8, 2010

Pure Detroit is Pure Michigan

From Detroit City and proud, at Pure Detroit in the Guardian Building

Last week I had occasion to visit the Guardian Building, an architectural treasure in downtown Detroit. More on that another day.

Right now I want to mention Pure Detroit, which since 1998 has been selling “Authentic Detroit apparel and unique gifts that represent the 313.”

Woody the Vernor's Gnome peers over a display of the ginger ale and rival Faygo pop; on the upper left are belts made of seatbelts and seatbelt buckles

Pure Detroit is your source for goodies like Detroit Soul T-shirts, cool handbags woven of seatbelts, Pewabic Pottery tiles and vases, and flavors of the city including Vernor’s Ginger Ale and Sanders ice cream topping.

Wrap a seatbelt strap around your waist and click it together with a Corvette, Mustang, or Dodge seatbelt buckle. Pull on a 313 knit cap or, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, a green T that lists Detroit in the same breath as Dublin, Belfast, and Cork.

The Pure Detroit book shelf is loaded with history, architecture, and the words of the disgraced former city leader in “The Kwame Sutra: Musings on lust, life, and leadership from Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.”

Some items are available online, but it’s more fun to browse the three Pure Detroit locations; the other shops are in the GM Renaissance Center on the Detroit Riverfront, and the Fisher Building in the city’s New Center area.

It’s nice to see there’s enough support for this local shop that we’ve enjoyed about a dozen years of Pure Detroit.

(Any resemblance to the state’s Pure Michigan advertising campaign, which launched in 2006, is pure coincidence, I’m sure.)



  1. Nice tip to some classy gear.
    But I want an Olds Seat Belt.
    Might get my son a Pontiac model.
    Am I correct in assuming that
    313 is the Det Riot area code?

  2. That area code is riot on 🙂

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