Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 15, 2010

Everyday is Potato Chip Day

Two popular flavors of chips from Detroit's main snack food source for 80 years

National Potato Chip Day was yesterday, March 14, but you’re free to celebrate today or, as most Americans do, every day. The statistics say that the average citizen eats 16.9 pounds of potato chips each year.

In this area our family is way below average. Potato chips are reserved for occasional family gatherings and as a treat at Blue Skies if Graham is with us (he’s the household’s biggest fan of chips and dip).

Love the quaint "Guest Quality" claim on the Detroit snack factory sign

However, in the name of National Potato Chip Day research we sampled two flavors from Better Made, a Detroit company that is celebrating its 80th anniversary. Founded as Cross and Peters in 1930, the snack food veteran is two years older than Lay’s.

Taking a cue from a Better Made fan’s suggestion we mixed plain and BBQ flavors and can’t argue with Hellen Rose who says, “yummmm, the taste of both together with the light sweet & salt is the BEST!”

The flavors stand on their own, too, which is probably the real reason I don’t buy chips on a regular basis: I’m sure we are quite capable of consuming (or who knows, maybe exceeding) the national average.

Send in a recipe using Better Made snacks and you could contribute to that 16.9 pound average by winning a sampler box of 15 different snacks every two months for a year; click here for details.

A bit of history: The potato chip was created in 1853 at a resort in Saratoga Springs, New York by the unfortunately named (for potato chip-naming purposes) chef George Crum. Instead of Crum Chips the newfangled potatoes were called Saratoga Chips, and were an instant hit. As their popularity spread they became known as potato chips.


  1. Good to know! I’m way below the average and more like you, but my husband probably makes up for it! 🙂

  2. I LOVE Better Made — they’re the best! Sorry I missed National Potato Chip Day, though. It would have given meaning to a dreary Sunday.

    • As someone ‘splained to me, potatoes are Irish and today’s St. Patrick’s Day, so go ahead and eat those potato chips!

      • Hey, hey! There will soon be a new Michigan-made potato chip in town – the Great Lakes Potato Chip Company. Kettle cooked chips with the SKIN ON. Yum and hmmm, maybe even a little healthier with the skin on?!?! (Does that mean we can eat more?)

        Made in Traverse City, potatoes from mid-Michigan. Oil from Illinois. Spices from Leelanau County company.

        Greenlight Marketing is designing the bag currently; production to begin in mid-April. I will definitely keep you posted!


      • Hi Joan! Please keep me posted on that healthy new chip (of course the skin makes the diff). I don’t want to miss that research op! 😉
        By the way, let me know if they’re going to offer tours of the plant.

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