Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 19, 2010

Pierogi Perfection

Sampling of cheese and potato pierogi from Lila's, in a beautiful handmade piece of Boleslawiec stoneware from Poland, a gift from my pal Tania

St. Joseph’s Day, March 19, is celebrated by the Catholic Church as the feast day of St. Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary.  It is especially important in Italy, Poland and to others of Eastern European descent.

This year it falls on a Friday, perfect for making a meatless Lenten meal of the Polish specialty, the pierogi (peer-o-gee). The half-circle shaped dumplings are stuffed with a filling of farmer’s cheese, sauerkraut, potatoes, onions, or mushrooms, then boiled. They’re delicious when sauteed in butter and served with a dollop of sour cream.

You can find them in your market’s freezer, or head to your local Polish restaurant. In Detroit that means Hamtramck, of course.

Polish dolls guard multiple articles about Lila's Pierogi

For carryout we enjoyed a sampling of Lila’s Pierogi, a little shop in the western Detroit suburb of Livonia. The strip mall exterior is non-descript, but the inside is cozy and the pierogi tasty. Lila makes 20 varieties, including 9 variations on potato, from plain to a bacon, onion and cheese combo. And there’s a fruit pierogi for dessert.

The pierogi are sold frozen, but the ingredients are all fresh and dough is homemade. The only other menu items are golambki (stuffed cabbage), and sauerkraut by the pint.

But the focal point is in the name: Lila’s Pierogi is the poster child for doing one thing and doing it well.

A cozy corner of Lila's Pierogi in Livonia



  1. Mmm, hungry now for a pierogi. A vegetarian one, Please.

  2. Next time I think I’ll try the mushroom pierogi.

  3. Oh my….they look fabulous! I attended a Polish wedding in Bessemer back in my college days that holds many fond memories – homemade-with-love pierogis, stuffed cabbage, polka-ing all night with an older fellow who made even me look good….thanx for reminding me!

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