Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 23, 2010

A Gray Day in Windsor, Eh?

The transition between the U.S. and Canada becomes blurred in the mile-long Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

The new health care legislation may have brought the U.S. and Canada closer in some ways, but at least one thing still comes between the two countries: The Detroit River that defines the border between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.

The visions of American car designers are on display in Windsor until March 28

Last month TJ and I, passports in hand, traveled through the mile-long Detroit-Windsor Tunnel beneath the river to Canada to catch the exhibit “Future Retro: Drawings from the Great Age of American Automobiles” at the Art Gallery of Windsor.

Anyone interested in classic cars of the 1950s-60s will want to hustle to catch this show before it closes on Sunday, March 28.

The exhibit focuses on the doodles, drawings and sketches of vehicles that actually saw production as well as concepts and futuristic transportation that remain on the drawing board.

Gray view of Detroit's Renaissance Center from the AGW

The museum’s permanent collection includes modern art and works by Canada’s Group of Seven.

Because Windsor is so convenient I’m ashamed to admit this was our first visit to the AGW since the contemporary “new” building opened in 2001.

We enjoyed wandering through the space and checking out the views of the Detroit skyline across the water—postcard-worthy but flat on the overcast Friday of our visit.

AGW admission is $5 Thursday-Sunday; visit for free on a Wednesday and spend the savings on cool merchandise in the Uncommon Market gift shop.

Instead of lunching at Contempo, the AGW cafe, we headed to Windsor’s Little Italy to share wood fired pizza and sip red wine. Finally, a splash of color on a gray day!

More on Windsor later, eh.

Watch your step! A small sign (right) politely requests that you avoid the fabricated steel work by Dan Bernyk that covers the floor



  1. I wish my sister (who lives in Windsor) would have told me about this exhibit. But thanks for the nice push for the gallery. I have not been “home” in a while nor to the new venue. I’m putting it on my calendar.

    • Oh, Canada! Next stop: Hiram Walker tour.
      Call when you come through town.

      • Seriously? I would love to do that tour. My mom worked there for years before she got married. I have a picture here at work of her at her desk at Hiram Walker’s.

  2. Neat to have that photo. I do want to make that tour; I was surprised to see they still offered them.

  3. It was all a bit gray… until you mentioned Little Italy! I loved that part of town!

  4. I’m heading back on a sunny day for photos (and Italian food 🙂

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