Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 29, 2010

Take A Trip With The Holy Rover

Rainbow near Engadine, Upper Peninsula

Today, the beginning of Holy Week and Passover, seems like a good time to recommend a blog that will take you on spiritual journeys—armchair, inner, physical, or all of the above.

The Holy Rover reflects the warmth, wit, and thoughtful observations of Lori Erickson, a wonderful writer I met many years ago through the Midwest Travel Writers Association. She travels the globe from her homebase in Iowa, and through her posts shares her curiosity about the world, religions, beauty, life, death, mysteries of the universe, and human foibles.

Last week Lori wrapped up a series on the Seven Deadly Sins that, in her usual manner, delivers interesting insights through historical references, real life experiences, and the wry humor reflected in the name of her blog.

Take a trip with The Holy Rover. It’s just a click away on my blogroll, and will take you places no airplane can. Bonus: no body scan required.



  1. I knew Lori was a wonderful travel writer – but somehow I have missed this part of her work. She’s truly gifted and shares remarkable insights. Thanks for the timely tip.

    All good things to you…

  2. My goodness, Kath–you made my day with your kind words! I’m flattered. Especially because the praise comes from such a talented writer herself.

    Thank you, my dear.


    • Oh, I’m glad you don’t mind my linking to you…I think webetiquette would have had me get your okay first…?

  3. Thanx for the idea….I shall go visit there now!

    • It’s great food for thought.

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