Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 8, 2010

Semi Perfect Cozy Cabin

Little Bear Cabin, Baraga

In Native language or English, Makos Mitig Wigwagming, Little Bear Cabin, is adorable. It’s the picture perfect image of an Upper Peninsula log house, inside and out.

Situated on the shore of Keweenaw Bay in Baraga, the views from the large window, the lawn and the beach are of the city lights of L’Anse across the water and Lake Superior in the distance.

A peaceful sunrise over Keweenaw Bay from the beach at Little Bear Cabin

Carved bears guard the handcrafted bed in the spacious, two-room cabin

The cabin was built in 1935 and remodeled and added onto a few years ago.

The bear theme runs rampant from the coffee table in front of the sleeper sofa in the sitting room to the bear posts on the bed and bear canisters near the sink, mini-fridge and microwave.

There’s a bear tile imbedded above the fireplace mantel, and the rustic decor carries over to the large bathroom, with its sink sunk into a huge log.

As promised on the Little Bear Cabin Web site, it was very peaceful watching the sun rise over the waterfront, where there is a grill, gazebo, and picnic table at the water’s edge for guests’ use.

TJ, Paige, Tucker the Wonder Dog and I didn’t have a chance to enjoy all of the amenities on our one-night stay: The cabin is equipped with a large jetted bathtub, kitchen tools, DVD player and selection of movies, an assortment of paperbacks and variety of CDs—music was playing when we let ourselves in. Nice touch.

Very cool sink in the log cabin's bathroom

TJ did build a fire in the fireplace (firewood provided) and we relaxed with a glass of wine and caught up on reading. In the morning as we brewed coffee (provided) we wished we could have stayed a bit longer to unwind, maybe hike to some nearby waterfalls and—I almost can’t bear to mention—get used to the sound of traffic roaring by.

Little Bear Cabin is wedged between the waterfront and US Highway 41, the main vein through the area. You can’t see them, but you can hear the cars, trucks, and semis loaded with logs rumbling past throughout the night.

The noise didn’t phase TJ or Paige, and, just so you know, previous guests wrote very nice reviews about their visits to the cabin despite the traffic.

But I just have to share the info so you know before you go that Little Bear Cabin is not located in the quiet woods but close to businesses and the highway that connects them. To be fair, the Web site does hint at the location by mentioning the nearby pizza joint and popular drive-in. And the address clearly states that it is located on US 41.

I thought of Little Bear Cabin the next evening when we were back at Blue Skies watching The Blues Brothers. In the scene in Elwood’s hotel room as the El passes by inches outside of the window Jake asks, “How often does the train go by?”  His brother says, “So often that you won’t even notice it.”

Would like to stay at Little Bear Cabin long enough so that I don’t notice—or only semi notice—the traffic sounds.

Traffic whizzes past Little Bear Cabin on US 41



  1. I’ve always loved this little cabin in my town but have never had the opportunity to see the inside….so adorable! And I’ve always wondered about the traffic noise – good to hear it’s not too bad. The little beach is somewhat secluded from the highway though so you’d probably have a bit of privacy. May have to take a little runaway there even if it’s only five miles from home!

    • Say, have you tried the pizza joint near the cabin?

  2. Were you just here, Kath, or was this a journey from awhile back? It looks like a wonderful place to stay. So cozy. (Except for maybe all that whizzing traffic that you don’t notice after awhile. I always wondered how the campers at the park minded the traffic. But when I was wandering through there last summer I never even noticed.) As for the pizza joint near the cabin…yep, used to eat there quite a bit. In the days Before when my body could actually digest things like pizza!

  3. P.S. thanks Cindy for telling me about Kath’s blog! Yikes…I’m behind in reading, too.

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