Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 12, 2010

April Is Michigan Whine Month

Chateau Grand Traverse vineyards, Old Mission Peninsula

Can’t be tax time already…Waaahhh—snow in April…What’s with the Pistons? Arrggghhh,  unseasonably warm weather…..Not Kwame again…Arrrggghhh, my allergies….What’s with the Red Wings? Waaahhh, the media’s picking on Detroit again…What’s with the Tigers? Waaahhh, why doesn’t Lansing give more money to the Pure Michigan ad campaign?

When Governor Jennifer Granholm declared April Michigan Whine Month I thought, “I’ll drink to that.” Everyone can use a good whine; might as make it official.

Larry Mawby with his new DETROIT bubbly; looks like more research ahead

We love Lawrence Mawby's sparkling FIZZ

Turns out it’s actually Michigan wines she’s celebrating with the designation.

For good reason. Wineries across the state number 71, and counting. They stretch from the west coast of the Lower Peninsula to the Thumb, the northeast corner of the Mitten—even into the UP.

There’s a lot of variety in the product and the destinations, from fruit wines to bubbly, in traditional vineyard settings to uber cool urban and old schoolhouse tasting rooms.

Left Food Charley at Grand Traverse Commons, Traverse City

Check out the Michigan wine industry website and request a copy of the hot-off-the-press Wine Country magazine.

Take a look at the calendar of events and plan to hit the Michigan Wine Trails—you may want to head to the Leelanau Peninsula for the Spring Sip & Savor event May 1-2.

This is one Michigan industry we don’t have to whine about.

Tasting glasses at the ready at the April 19 Michigan Wine & Food Showcase, a Michigan Wine Month event at Shiraz Gardens, Bingham Farms



  1. Love your title today, Kath….it’s definitely ‘whine’ month’ for me in some ways. I really want to get out and play in the dirt but there’s nothing up yet and anything planted takes the chance of facing a late frost/snow. Plus I whine about wanting to be out of school and into summer already!

  2. I’m whining that I can’t drink wine at work. What’s up with that?

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