Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 21, 2010

ArtPrize: Open Call For Artists

One of last year's ArtPrize entries in competition for the world's largest art prize of $250,000

2009 ArtPrize photo from severnspoon’s photostream

At ArtPrize, the eyes have it. The eyes of a couple hundred thousand visitors who make the “people’s choice” type of vote to determine the winner of the world’s largest and possibly most unusual art competition. ArtPrize has no curator or jury, and turns downtown Grand Rapids into an indoor/outdoor art gallery that the public roams to view the works and choose the top 10 artists. Those talented 10 share the prize pot of $449,000 with the world’s largest art prize, $250,000, to the most popular vote getter.

Artist registration opened April 19 and closes May 27 for the second annual ArtPrize, set for September 22-October 10, 2010. Artists may sell their work after the event.

The “radically open competition” welcomes all types of artists, who must secure the venue for showcasing their work from 200 participating sites in Grand Rapids.

Last year 1,262 artists from 41 states and 14 countries displayed their creations at 159 locations in downtown Grand Rapids. Ran Ortner’s mural-like painting “Open Water no.24” received the most of 334,219 votes cast.

Local entrepreneur Rick DeVos created ArtPrize to allow the public and artists direct interaction, so it’s an exciting event for those on both ends of the creative spectrum.

If you’re not an artist, mark your calendar and plan to spend a couple of days in Grand Rapids to vote in and enjoy this festive event.

And if you are an artist, check out ArtPrize and be a part of something grand in Grand Rapids.


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