Posted by: Kath Usitalo | May 3, 2010

Lick A Stamp: It’s National Postcard Week

hmmm....where are all the people having fun?

Once Upon A Time, I was a faithful sender of postcards. Every trip, no matter how short or mundane, merited the sending of a postcard to a select list of family and friends.

Somehow, some day, along the way I fell off the mail truck and stopped making the time in my busy, busy travel schedule to jot a few lines on the back of a (usually very tacky) postcard to mail to family and friends.

I’m still carrying around, still in the small, wrinkled, plastic bag from the hotel gift shop, the 10 postcards I bought in Kansas City a few weeks ago. Still blank.

I’d even packed the stamps and snail mail addresses, and bought the postcards on my first day there. And then I promptly neglected to send them.

Could just add them to my postcard collection, but it’s National Postcard Week, so maybe I’ll celebrate by pulling out the pen putting them in the mail. Watch your mailboxes (you know who you are!).

Vintage view of Mackinac Island



  1. Thanks for the reminder Kath. I’ve always loved post card – getting them, sending them, collecting them. Some of the most interesting are those you find in Antique Stores or at flea markets. Beyond the cliche’s you’ll sometimes find leads just waiting to become a short story. “…Larry wasn’t here when I arrived, but I think he’ll be coming tomorrow…” or “…toured the tannery with Uncle Phil. Gene hoping to fix that axle before we return…” — I suppose texting & and smart phones will drive yet another nail in the Post Card coffin. Maybe there’s a “Save the Post Card group out there somewhere – likely on Facebook!”

    • I buy OPP (other people’s postcards) too!

  2. Cool! My daughter is really good about sending postcards – usually written in my granddaughter Kenzie’s ‘voice’ – whenever they go somewhere. I’m with Gary – I like getting them and collecting them. Haven’t traveled in awhile so….haven’t sent one in awhile. Fun post, Kath!

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