Posted by: Kath Usitalo | May 5, 2010

Wooden Shoe Like To See The Dutch Dancers?

Dutch Dancers perform in the streets of Holland at the annual Tulip Time Festival

The Dutch Dancers of Holland’s Tulip Time Festival are celebrating their 75th anniversary at the annual event in Michigan’s Little Netherlands, and there are still opportunities to see them perform before this year’s fest winds down on May 8.

Waiting for the music to begin

The dancing formally began in 1935 and continues to attract hundreds of high school girls (and the occasional lad) each year who learn the traditional dances of the Netherlands and wear authentic costumes—boy and girl—down to their wooden shoes.

I’m amazed at their agility in the clogs, and did see one dancer’s shoes split into pieces after performing several street dances. Hope she had a spare pair. If not, there are plenty of places to buy them in Holland.

Check out the Dutch Dance history and schedule by clicking here.



  1. Wooden Shoe know that Kath is so clever!

  2. Oh the word whimsy abounds! Wooden Shoe, know it? 🙂 Couldn’t resist!

    I had two dear friends @ NMU who were from Holland and they still had their wooden shoes from the years they danced in the festival and remember the fun they always talked about!

    • It’s so cool to see the girls carrying on this tradition. While there I spoke with two former dancers (a baby boomer and a 70-something) who have such good memories about their experiences with the group.

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