Posted by: Kath Usitalo | May 13, 2010

Further North Is In Demand

You, too, can demand a copy of the new magazine about the Keweenaw Peninsula

I feel so very 2010: Just ordered a magazine online.

What’s so advanced about ordering a magazine via the www? People place subscriptions that way every day.

But this is different. I ordered a magazine that does not exist until it’s paid for.

Oh, the copy has been written, photographs taken, ads sold and layout done. You can see it in its four-color beauty online. But it is being printed-on-demand, just for me, by a company called MagCloud.

Further North is a new, 32-page publication about the Keweenaw Peninsula, the furthest reaches of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

It’s published by Laura Smyth of Thimbleberry Press in Copper City. I haven’t connected with her yet; hope to chat after the magazine arrives in a week or so.

Check out the first issue of Further North, and “demand” a copy: $7.99 plus the cost of your choice of shipping. Mine’s coming on the slow boat, but if you’re anxious for this taste of Keweenaw you can put a rush on it and pay accordingly. Still cheaper than the gas for a road trip to Copper Country.

Though I have a feeling this magazine will inspire many to invest in a Pure Michigan road trip to this beautiful part of the state.

Visitor Info Click: Keweenaw Peninsula

Keweenaw Bay Sunrise

NOTE: Laura also publishes a magazine geared to kids, Adventures in the U.P. The first issue, another MagCloud print-on-demand pub, features her dog Jack.



  1. This looks like a very interesting magazine!

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