Posted by: Kath Usitalo | May 14, 2010

Heidelberg Project: Art Calling

Heidelberg Project, Detroit

“Once you come here, you can’t forget it,” says Tyree Guyton in a video about the Heidelberg Project, the outdoor art environment he created 24 years ago in the East Side Detroit neighborhood where he grew up.

Art calling

Depending on your definition of art you may wish you’d never seen it. In the Heidelberg Project discarded items have new life: a banged up car hood becomes a canvas, mannequin parts decorate a house, a broken TV is the medium for a message, an abandoned car is…ummmm…an abandoned car. Or is it a statement of some sort?

Whose choppers is he wearing?

The other week Paige and I made a return visit to  Heidelberg Street, cruising past the house painted with multiple colored dots, the large board/murals with taxi cabs and shoes, doors stacked to form a sculpture on a lot where a house once stood.

We saw volunteers mowing lawns and preparing soil in old tires-turned-planters.

One man flagged us down to admire and take a photo of the Splattered Van.

That Saturday in Detroit the sky was flat and the day gray, save the Heidelberg Project.

Check out the video at the Heidelberg Project website, and learn more about the history and future of this ever-evolving work of art.

Do you adore this sculpture?

Say cheese: Splattered Van caught this photographer's eye

A Heidelberg Project volunteer cuts the grass



  1. Looks like fun – I like when folks use what they have to make life a bit more beautiful!

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