Posted by: Kath Usitalo | May 27, 2010

Honest, Abe, The Yarden Needs Me

All aboard the Yarden Express, our garden railroad

Sorry, Mr. President. I flipped a coin (a penny, of course) and instead of a train ride with you and Mrs. Lincoln I’ll be climbing aboard our Yarden Express and puttering with the plants around our garden railroad over the next few days.

Ever since I learned that Honest Abe and his wife Mary visit Coldwater for Civil War Days each Memorial Weekend, I’ve wanted to head to the Little River Train Depot and the Branch County Fairgrounds for the annual salute that honors U.S. military from the 1800’s to the present. I’d hoped this would be the year.

Yarden art bowling balls need rearranging

But due to circumstances beyond my control I haven’t had any time this spring to tackle the Yarden To Do List.

I’m actually looking forward to digging in the dirt, pulling weeds, moving plants, and did I mention pulling weeds? We have no grass (actually, there is a mysterious weed that looks like it might be a type of grass that’s illegal in most states); our yarden consists of ground cover and perennials—but no lawn doesn’t mean no maintenance.

Some flowers are already blooming...

If we work hard and get a lot accomplished we might be able to travel back in time closer to home, at the Civil War Remembrance Weekend at The Henry Ford in Dearborn.

President Lincoln won’t be there (he can’t be in two places at once, you know) but this annual event in Greenfield Village includes cavalry and artillery firing demonstrations, bayonet and marching drills, presentations about Civil War era civilian clothing, merchandise of the era at Sutlers Row, 19th century music—tons of activities. I’ve never been to this type of reenactment or encampment and I’m just curious.

Old Glory, Maybury State Park

Of course, there’s our city’s Monday morning Memorial Day Service, too.

Let’s not forget the reason for this long holiday weekend.

Visitor Info Clicks:
Coldwater is located in the middle of the southern Lower Peninsula, not far from the Indiana border.
For other Memorial Weekend activities, events and getaway deals go to

Our Yarden pond needs tending



  1. Love your Yarden Train….and the thought of no lawn? Ahhh….ours is way too big to even think of no lawn but the thought of all that space for flowers, trees, bushes and fun stuff makes me giddy! Have fun playing in the dirt, Kath!

  2. Yikes, I just heard that the heat wave will continue through the weekend.
    I’ll hit the dirt early in the a.m. but I feel for the Civil War soldiers and civilians in their layers of clothing!

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