Posted by: Kath Usitalo | June 2, 2010

A Superior Adventure

A couple hiking around Lake Superior will likely walk this beach near Grand Marais in the Upper Peninsula

We’re still without internet at the Great Lakes Gazette World Headquarters (referenced in yesterday’s post) so today I’m stealing a few minutes of WiFi time at an undisclosed location to connect you with a story by Kathy Drue on her Lake Superior Spirit blog.

She recently met with Mike Link and Kate Crowley, who are walking around Gitche Gumee. They call the adventure Full Circle, a Journey Around the Greatest Lake. The Minnesotans departed Duluth on April 29 and have completed a little more than a quarter of their 1,600-mile trek around Lake Superior.  Very interesting and inspirational.

For Kathy’s blog click here.

For the Full Circle site click here.



  1. Thank you, Kath. It was wonderful and inspirational to meet the Lake Superior hikers! They are promoting fresh water and doing something for the planet to help our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

    • I do admire them, and love the ability to check on their progress.

  2. Isn’t this an amazing couple? As is your picture of Grand Marais. I love that mist that hangs over the lake sometimes and yet on shore, one is still in the sunshine….gotta be a lesson in there somewhere!?!

    Hope you get reconnected soon, sweetie!

    • Looking forward to returning to the UP and doing more hiking, picture-taking, and rockhounding along the Lake Superior shore.

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