Posted by: Kath Usitalo | June 25, 2010

Two Lane Trippin’: Rabbit’s 4 Sale

Rabbit's (or Rabbits?) 4 Sale

This week I spent a lot of time driving two-lane country roads, mostly because they were the only option connecting the dots that I was visiting in mid-Mitt Michigan. But I prefer them to expressways. The traffic is lighter, scenery more interesting (no, I don’t tire of looking at farmland) and the lower speed limit allows plenty of time to think.

I especially enjoy the backroads when I have the time to stop and take pictures of whatever captures my fancy, like the hand lettered sign, RABBIT’s 4 SALE.

The painted board was leaning on a post, its arrow pointing down a dirt road off the blacktop. I passed it and a quarter mile later backtracked to snap a photo.

I was curious: Is the sign telling us that a single rabbit is for sale, or is it an announcement that there’s now a price tag on someone or something named Rabbit? Or is it simply a case of poor punctuation skills promoting a litter of bunnies on the block?

At first glance it seems as though the sign painter had just dashed this off without thought or design. But look very closely and you see that someone had sketched the letters FOR but decided on the more graphic “4”, and that the word SALE appears much larger than first imagined.

You don’t see these treasures while barreling along the interstate at 70 (plus) mph.

On the other hand, maybe the slower pace of the backroads allows a little too much time to think.


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