Posted by: Kath Usitalo | June 28, 2010

Everybody Now: Ooooooh…Ahhhhhh

My first attempt to photograph fireworks looks like a gigantic dandelion gone to seed; this was from our city's annual fireworks display as seen from our street last night

Fireworks: They’re not just for July 4th anymore.

Bursts of color will fill the skies across Michigan almost nightly from now through July and on many dates in August as well, according to the calendar compiled by Meg Geddes at .

About this time last year I wrote about Meg’s website, a labor of love she started in 1999 with just two displays listed. When I checked the site on Sunday she had compiled 426 fireworks shows through November, searchable by date or location. There’s no charge for the information; she does it as a fan of fireworks.

Meg constantly updates the calendar so true fireworks followers will want to keep up to date by checking for additions and cancellations on the website or the  Michigan Fireworks Facebook page. You can even follow her late breaking changes  on Twitter.

For more fireworks info check with Pure Michigan.


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