Posted by: Kath Usitalo | June 30, 2010

Farm To Table Goodness: Liver Let Fry

Growing up, beef liver was on regular rotation on the dinner table at our house. I can’t say how often, but I’m quite sure the aroma of fried liver and onions filled our kitchen more than it did the homes of our friends.

Some folks are liver lovers and others gag on the organ meat. We happen to like it but only very occasionally (maybe once a year) I fry up a batch and TJ, Graham and Paige willingly eat it. Love those adventurous diners.

Last weekend we enjoyed the best, most tender liver that any of us have had, and it came to our kitchen straight from a family farm in the mid-Mitten town of Remus.

I learned about the grass-fed beef source on an overnight stay at The Outback Lodge Bed & Breakfast in Stanwood (more on the B&B in the future).

Sue Parker, who owns the B&B with her husband Kent, told me that two of her brothers run a cattle ranch on the family farm, the land she and her seven siblings grew up on in nearby Wheatland Township. The land her family has farmed for more than a century.

So when I left Outback Lodge and saw the Wernette Beef Farms sign along highway M-20 I had to turn north on 50th Avenue and check out the goods.

Sheryl Wernette, wife of Sue’s brother Kevin, greeted me in the driveway of their home and showed me into the garage where freezers full of various cuts of vacuum packed meat made me wish I had a pocket-sized  “Know Your Cuts of Beef” chart—and more cash on hand (no credit cards accepted).

I chose a couple of pounds of ground beef and just a pound of the liver.

The next evening, back at our ranch in the 313, I soaked the tender slabs in milk while I sauteed slices of Vidalia onions in butter…tossed the liver in a very small amount of flour…sauteed it for just a few minutes on one side…flipped it over and fried it for a few more minutes…and VOILA. Mouth-watering liver so delish that I wish I could take credit for it—but I think the meat is just “Naturally Better” as advertised by the Wernettes.

I’d show you a picture of the dish but, well, it’s liver. It’s tasty, but not very photogenic.

Sheryl says she’ll ship the frozen meat—one customer moved to Wisconsin and “has to have” Wernette’s Beef so she complies by sending it across Lake Michigan. I can appreciate the customer’s attachment; TJ made burgers and a meatloaf of the Wernette ground beef and both were outstanding.

The farm has no website. Just call 989-967-8407 and chat with Sheryl about the line-up of steaks, roasts, ribs—or a side or 1/4 of a beef.

If you’re in the Remus area watch for the sign on M-20 and head north on 50th Ave. to the farm.

No credit cards accepted so bring cash—and your biggest cooler.

Wernette Beef Farms

9442 50th Ave., just north of highway M-20 (aka 9 Mile Rd.)  in Remus; phone 989-967-8407 (hours vary; call ahead)



  1. Just can’t do the liver and onion thing but give me all those flavors of ice cream and that’s where I become adventurous. I dont’ mind helping Mother Earth by eating the waffle bowl either. Yummy!

    • I meant to mention that the liver DID NOT fill the kitchen with “that” aroma!

  2. Meant to type don’t NOT dont’!

  3. I’m one of those crazies that actually likes liver! Fried with onions and bacon…..yumm! At Carla’s Restaurant (Keweenaw Bay and where I work part-time), Doug makes the best! We have many couples that come in twice a month or so because the husband loves liver and his wife won’t cook it…. 🙂

    • I knew I liked you Cindy Lou 😉
      Have only had the fish at Carla’s. Now I’ll have to try the liver.

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