Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 1, 2010

Got An Ice Cream Jones? Get Your Fix In Baldwin

Jones owner "Ms. J" (in the orange shirt) and some of her energetic teen staff, including her son Nick (black shirt)

July is National Ice Cream Month, a good time (and excuse) to indulge in your favorite flavors in a cup, cone, or bowl. I got a head start on the official celebration last week when I checked out Jones Home Made Ice Cream, an institution in the heart of the western mid-Mitten’s hunting and fishing country.

Marcus Jones started churning out the cool treat in 1942 and Terri Jamieson continues the tradition in the classic ice cream store on the main vein in beautiful downtown Baldwin.

This year marks the Grand Haven native’s 21st season making ice cream on the spot, from the end of March to mid-November.

“Ms. J” employs 15-17 teens who scoop original flavorites including lemon custard, black walnut, and orange pineapple plus newer concoctions like the popular Mackinaw Fudge and Blue Moon.

Terri Jamieson serves up my cone of Orange Pineapple...delish

There are tables and chairs and a long counter with stools for sitting and enjoying the ice cream and people-watching the steady stream of customers. Check out the historical photos and stories about the area as told by a local woman who applied her considerable scrapbooking skills to attractive wall displays that wrap around the parlor.

As soon as you step into the shop you’re greeted with the sweet aroma of housemade, hand-rolled waffle cones; try one dipped in chocolate. They’re put to good use in the Waffle Bowl Sundae, which may seem like an indulgence but really, if you think about it, is a contribution to the environment: The bowl is edible so there’s no dish to wash, which saves on energy and water.

Hey, everyone has to do their part to help Mother Earth.

For another scoop of Michigan-made ice cream check out last July’s post about Moomers.

Sign of summer in Baldwin: kids and Jones ice cream


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