Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 2, 2010

Go Fourth!

Parade participants, Naubinway Fourth of July 2009

Celebrate Freedom, Independence, our dedicated military and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers this July 4th Weekend.



  1. Hey Kath…..we had a wondermous time in Pentwater last weekend! Did the Mac Woods ride which was oh-so-much fun – not sure who enjoyed it more, my daughter or my two-year old granddaughter! One of my highlights was visiting Bubba – he’s quite the character. My sisters got the pulled-pork sandwich and I had a fabulous Caesar Chicken Wrap with mega-quantities of parmesan – 🙂 I told him that we discovered his place because of your blog and he remembered you because of your van! Bubba came out and chatted with us on the patio – very interesting man and an adorable place! Thanx for the tip!

    Oh – that candy/popcorn place in Pentwater and the toy store were awesome! May be a story there for you?!?!

    • I didn’t even make it to Pentwater on that tour. Will have to return. So fun that you met Bubba and enjoyed the food and Mac Wood’s.

  2. OK, I know where Naubinway is, but have no idea about Pentwater! (probably missed that particular blog…) Hope you are having a marvelous 4th of July, Kath. Hope you aren’t sweltering in this heat. Hope there are breezes blowing wherever you are.

    • It’s beautiful here…but had to sneak into town to check email, do a blog post, etc. One day I’ll get internet at Blue Skies!

  3. Nice pic of those patriotic Flat Coated Retrievers. Don’t see too many of them.

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