Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 18, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: A Scoop Of Good Cheer

Church ladies enjoying ice cream---and life

Live, laugh, love…and eat ice cream.

These delightful ladies from Forest Park Covenant Church in Muskegon enjoyed ice cream treats at Pekadill’s cafe on their day trip to Whitehall. It was mid-afternoon when I stopped by to check out the charming, family-owned restaurant,—the garden seating was especially inviting.

Pekadill’s must be good, because the church ladies had lunched there earlier in the day and, after browsing the shops in town, returned for dessert.

What a nice group of gals.

Have a scoop—it’s National Ice Cream Day!

Visitor Info Clicks: White Lake Area

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  1. Don’t they look like a fun and lively group? I sure hope I’m still fun and just a little bit crazy when I’m that age!

    • They were fun. Kidded about them being the next “Calendar Girls.”

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