Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 19, 2010

Am I Blue? Not With Chocolate Covered Berries On Hand

Blueberry Haven: Beaches, Berries, And Bliss...and chocolate covered blueberries

Paige and I sampled two products for the first time this week—Pretzel M&Ms and a Michigan-made treat starring my favorite fruit. I will recommend only one of the sweets.

The Chocolate Covered Blueberries from Blueberry Haven are simply delish. The milk chocolate and the blueberry coating over plump Michigan berries is a flavorful, creamy, not-too-sweet combination. And the blue color is beautiful.

I’d purchased the bag of candies in May when I stopped at the Shaker Messenger Folk Art Gallery in Holland (more on that cool store in the future), but saved them until now to sample them during National Blueberry Month. What will power! (If I’d known how tasty blue candy could be, I might not have been able to show that resolve.)

Tiffany Balk, who founded Blueberry Haven in 2007, lives with her husband and three sons in Grand Haven, a Lake Michigan Beachtown in blueberry country. To satisfy her family she was always making the fruit into jam and using the berries in recipes she’d received from relatives, friends, and one special neighbor.

She decided to create Blueberry Haven to help do for blueberries what growers and promoters have done for Michigan cherries. “People don’t realize we (in Michigan) grow as many blueberries as cherries.”

Determined to use all Michigan products and labor, Tiffany turns to several local growers for the berries and a commercial kitchen produces Blueberry Haven’s line of candy, jam, trail mix and dried blueberries as well as baking mixes for muffins, pancakes, scones and oatmeal cookies. She’s about to introduce blueberry coffee (roasted in Michigan) and, on August 11 at the Grand River Grocery in Ada, blueberry chutney. Her products are available online and at a number of West Michigan retailers.

With the Blueberry Haven tagline, “Beaches, Berries, and Bliss,” Tiffany’s painting a picture of the region. “You got the beach, you got the berries, and everyone’s happy,” she says with a laugh.

“My whole goal is to make blueberries cool.”

Visitor Info Clicks:

Grand Haven

Lake Michigan Beachtowns

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  1. What a great month July is, eh? Blueberry month, hot dog month and I think it may even be ice cream month.
    I’ve tasted those chocolate covered blueberries and they are delightful. I love pretty much anything covered in chocolate. I give you a lot of credit for not eating them the minute you bought them.
    P. S. Have you tried the coconut M&Ms yet?

    • Yes, July honors all the food groups.
      Have not even heard of the coconut M&Ms…not sure I want to.

  2. Blueberry Haven’s gift baskets are very cool and always appreciated. Tiffany does a great job.

    • Sure look good to me. Can never have too many blueberries!

  3. Thanks Kath for your kind comments on Blueberry Haven.

    • My pleasure.
      I only write about things I like.
      Good luck with the business!

  4. Yummy! I’m with Lori….there’s not much covered in chocolate that’s not good! Our blueberries are out in great abundance this year and quite early like everything else this year. Wild raspberries are ready and the thimbleberries are already starting – almost jam-making time! 🙂

    And yes, Lori, I just tried the coconut M&Ms which I didn’t know existed and are quite wondermous! Probably not a good thing that I discovered them!?!?

    • Heading to the UP, will be on the lookout for wild berries!

  5. There is a blueberry store that Graham and I went to in South Haven that has blueberry sausage…you should probably check it out 🙂

    • Interesting…I’ve had sausage with cherries, why not blueberries!?

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