Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 20, 2010

Redefining Bluetooth

Great way to start the day: lemon yogurt, fresh Michigan blueberries, and Good Life Granola from Holland

Bluetooth has new meaning here at the Great Lakes Gazette world headquarters.

Sure, it describes the technology that allows us to connect and communicate free of computer wires. But this week, as we munch our way through the half-zillion blueberries I bought at Kroger, Bluetooth is also what we see when we open our mouths.

Yesterday’s chocolate covered berries from Blueberry Haven disappeared when Paige’s girlfriends dropped by last evening. (It’s okay; their hips need the treats more than mine do.)

This morning we moved on to fresh Michigan blueberries with yogurt and delicious Good Life Granola, made in Holland by Dee and Mike Freestone. It’s a recipe Dee concocted when she couldn’t find a natural granola to satisfy the couple and their four kids.

A combination that's good and good for you

Family and friends agreed that she’d created a winning combination of pure Michigan Maple Syrup, oats, pecans, almonds, brown sugar, cinnamon, sea salt, canola oil and vanilla, and Good Life Granola was launched as a commercial venture in October 2009.

“We don’t skimp on ingredients,” says Mike of the mix. “It’s healthier, and just tastes good.” A nut-free version is in the works.

Dee is president and Mike serves as vice president of Good Life Granola; he designed the happy “G” face logo and “eat what’s good” message on the label. For about 20 years he has had another Michigan business, Adventures in Advertising, that sells promotional items.

“I don’t remember a time when there was so much interest in Michigan products.” says Mike, adding that he’s seeing real enthusiasm in both retailers and shoppers who search out and support locally-made items.

Good Life Granola is selling well online and at more than 30 markets and shops, including  The Shaker Messenger and Folk Art Gallery in Holland, where owner Diana Van Kolken was the first to carry the granola alongside a wide variety of Michigan food products.

“Hey, we have a delicious state,” Mike says of the growing number of locally-made foods making their way to consumers.

No argument from me.

Tomorrow: more fun with blueberries.



  1. I’m sending my son out for blueberries this weekend – he usually goes to the Yellow Dog Plains. Last year, I attempted blueberry jelly but it didn’t set up well – makes a great syrup though….especially on a fresh, piping hot piece of pannukakku!

    Did Paige decide on a college yet? Just curious.

    • yummmm….blueberry syrup.

      The reality is setting in but no, she hasn’t decided. There will be several aps going out!

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