Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 22, 2010

Keweenaw Cool

Bill and Nancy Leonard overlooking the garden of their Einerlei Shop in Chassell

There’s a very cool store called Einerlei in the tiny town of Chassell in the Keweenaw Peninsula of the UP, the gateway to Copper Country. I stop there every time I breeze through that way-Up-North part of the state, which isn’t often enough.

But that’s cool. Otherwise, we’d have much cooler home accessories, clothing, jewelry, books, gardens, and collection of art and music by talented Great Lakers—and much less cash.

You can read about the name and the nature of the shop and the very cool couple, Bill and Nancy Leonard, who founded it 30 years ago, in my story about Einerlei and environs in the current edition of  Michigan Country Lines magazine.

In that article faithful readers of will recognize Teresa Palosaari and her Country Craft Cabin from my May 21, 2010 post.

Watch for the brief mention of Ivory Mansion Bed & Breakfast, a surprising treasure of a place in L’Anse.

I’ll be writing more about Lynn Ketola and her hospitality in the near future. (In April we stayed at the cute and cozy Little Bear Cabin, also owned by Lynn.)

Chassell or China? Watch for more about the surprising Ivory Mansion B&B

If you’re inspired to visit the Keweenaw be sure to make lodging reservations in advance; I understand from Copper Country wildflower expert Harvey Desnick and his wife Sue at Vic’s Cabins in Kearsarge that the No Vacancy signs are glowing across the Keweenaw.

That’s cool. Pure Michigan cool.

Visitor Info Clicks:

Keweenaw Convention & Visitors Bureau

Keweenaw Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

Upper Peninsula Travel & Recreation Association

Pure Michigan



  1. One of my favoritist places! And to top off the fun – they sell herbs and perennials which I never can resist!

    • There’s so many cool discoveries at that store, and I love how they keep changing things to keep it interesting.

  2. Einerlei is a marvelous shop. I spent the afternoon there just yesterday taking a wonderful botanical illustration workshop (yes, they also host art classes, book signings…).

    Kath, you should make it up here in August for Heritage Celebration in Calumet. We’re going to have Highland Games and bagpipes, dancers from Great Britain…a week’s worth of really interesting and fun stuff. Aug. 15-21 if you’re heading north.

    • No place I’d rather be than Calumet at that time—but need to be in the 313 to finish clearing out and closing on the house where we grew up. Glad it sold so quickly but caught we siblings by surprise (let’s cross our fingers everything is good on the buyer’s side!)

  3. I love the Einerlei! I grew up in Tamarack City and my mom used to bring my sister and I there once or twice a month to shop. We’d go there and then to the Keweenaw Berry Farm! I always stop in when I’m home to visit my parents over the holidays! Great post. 🙂

    • Thanks…a great shop reflects the great folks who have created it (and the shoppers who support it!).

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