Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 26, 2010

Another Indie Java Joint: Jolly’s Cookies & Cafe

Jolly's Cookies and Cafe is housed in a century old building with an exposed brick wall, tin ceiling and wood floor

Finally got my Jolly’s. I’d mentioned our friend Keith Jolly’s new cafe in Petoskey in a June 24 post, but had not had a chance to visit Jolly’s Cookies & Cafe until this weekend.

Could not resist the blueberry lemon pecan bar

When Paige and I stopped by the other day the joint was jumping. Every table was filled and a steady stream of folks stopped in for a coffee or a smoothie and a cookie (or two).

I am happy to report that everything we sampled was delish. I had a nice and strong iced coffee and Paige and I shared the tasty Woodman turkey sandwich, one of a dozen sandwiches on the menu. We eyed the five salads and a couple of soups du jour, but decided to focus on the sweet treats.

We loved the melt-in-your-mouth blueberry lemon pecan bar, and carrot cupcake with cream cheese icing. A sampling of cookies came home with us—we especially like the orange chocolate chip and the thick, soft molasses cookies (his Grandma’s recipe).

Unfortunately Keith wasn’t there, so I have no photos of the man behind the incredible cookies that inspired this new venture, but you can see Keith and others in a news story about a half-dozen businesses that opened in Petoskey this summer.

If Saturday’s traffic is any indication, the new shops should be doing well. The business district was hopping—we had to cruise around for a parking spot and discovered there’s a lot behind the cafe and a back door entrance through Jolly’s “WiFi Alley,” a section of tables with convenient outlets and free internet access for those who need to hop online.

TJ made the oversized wood plaque in the WiFi area of the cafe: Children Left Unattended Will Be Given An Espresso And A Free Puppy

Jolly’s Cookies & Cafe is located at 440 East Mitchell Street in Petoskey’s Gaslight District; phone 231-622-8900.

Check out Jolly’s on Facebook while the website is under construction.

Visitor Info Click: Petoskey



  1. LOVE TJ’s sign! 🙂 Made me chuckle out loud!

    • It must work: the kids that were there were very well behaved!

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