Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 27, 2010

Time To Vote

Pondering my absentee ballot and the next Governor of the Great Lakes State

The Michigan Primary Election is a week away, but I need to make my decisions today. I’ve got an absentee ballot to get to the post office in Naubinway.

Problem: I have no idea which ovals to color. I thought I would have made an early decision on the gubernatorial candidate, maybe even have posted a sign in the yard… But for the first time in years I’m not committed. Not even leaning toward any one of the 7 men on the ticket.

I’ve checked their websites, listened to and read interviews, and tried to become an informed voter. Vague statements, broad-brush solutions and non-committal answers abound, so it’s tough to compare each candidate’s positions with the others.

As far as I can tell, all 7 are against Asian Carp invading the Great Lakes, and support a ban on drilling in those waters. That’s something, but none of the fellows have made a big deal out of protecting the state’s natural resources—with the exception of Rick Snyder, who was endorsed by the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.

I would like to have seen something of substance from the candidates on the importance of the tourism industry and their commitment to the Pure Michigan campaign.

The Center For Michigan, a “think-and-do tank” based in Ann Arbor has interesting summaries on the candidates’ quality of life and reform agendas for the state.

Smart Girl Politics Michigan and Common Sense in Government offer video clips with the 5 Republican candidates (the 2 Dems declined to participate); check out The Search for a Hero – Michigan’s Next Governor.

The moment of truth is here. I’ve got to pick up my pen and start coloring my ballot. It may not be easy (well, with the exception of the U.S. Congressional race featuring incumbent Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick) but I will vote. And I hope every eligible voter exercises their right, privilege and duty next Tuesday. Michigan needs your participation.



  1. I will be voting next week. That’s a given. However,”The Search for a Hero – Michigan’s Next Governor” title just doesn’t set well with me. I went to the site and liked, “Wanted: Governor for the Great State of Michigan” so much better. This is JUST my opinion.

    • That’s what’s great about America. Everyone is entitled to speak and express their opinion freely!!! Thank God for our men and women fighting to retain that right. 🙂

  2. The MLCV has a candidate comparison chart that might help. It’s all referenced.


    • Thanks!

  3. Thanx from me, too, Jeff – I’ve been like Kath and haven’t been able to make a decision. This will help!

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