Posted by: Kath Usitalo | August 3, 2010

Ultra Low Diesel Pasties

Ultra Low Diesel Pasties, anyone?

In our never-ending effort to find and recommend Michigan’s best pasty I noticed this sign at a filling station near Gladstone in the Upper Peninsula promoting Ultra Low Diesel Pasties. What are those, eh? Do they use coconut oil in the meat pie pastry crust instead of lard or even shortening? Maybe they’re a trucker thing. Although the price was good, we did not sample the Ultra Low Diesel Pasties, or stop to see if they offer Ultra High Diesel Pasties.

Check out the first mentioned of our Quest for the Best Pasty in August 2009; I raved about Hiawatha’s Pasties, made in our UP town of Naubinway, and recently received confirmation from a reader and pasty fan who agreed that indeed, Hiawatha’s are tops.

However, Paige and I stopped at the new new new big and improved Jack’s supermarket in Manistique and picked up two of Jack’s very own frozen pasties (with rutabaga; Jack’s makes several varieties, including chicken :-0!). We brought them home to Blue Skies, heated them up, and both agreed they were very, very good. Light and flaky crust, good mix of beef and veggies. Rivaling Hiawatha’s, even.

The pasty research continues.



  1. 🙂

  2. Ultra low in diesel. Ultra high in fat.

    • You betcha!
      That’s why they’re a rare treat.

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