Posted by: Kath Usitalo | August 16, 2010

A Dune Good Time

Everybody having a good time shooting the dunes raise your hands!

Generations have enjoyed cruising across the shifting sands of the Silver Lake Sand Dunes with Mac Wood’s Dune Rides. This is a rare experience: the sand mountains on Lake Michigan are the only dunes east of Utah where the public can ride (or drive) motor vehicles.

Mac Wood in trademark sailor cap behind the wheel of an early Dune Scooter (Mac Wood's Archive Photo)

Mac Wood invented what he called “Dune Scooting” and helped establish the Silver Lake area as a tourism hot spot; he carried the title “Mayor of Scooterville.”

This summer Mac Wood’s, still a family operation run by the third generation, is celebrating its 80th anniversary; check out my story and photos at Quad-Cities Online (now available only to newspaper subscribers)

Then make plans to shoot the dunes in one of the open air trucks.

Modern custom-built dune vehicles start with a Ford F-250 truck

The fun you have may even inspire you to drive your own off-road vehicle across the sand mountains. We tackled them many years ago in our Jeep, and it was a scary blast.

While you’re in town, don’t forget to stop at Bubba Q for a sandwich or ice cream (see June 22, 2010 post).

Visitor Info Click: Silver Lake Sand Dunes Area

Mac Wood’s Dune Rides

Travel Michigan

A private pick-up follows a rental dune buggy up the sand trail to the area of dunes open to drivers of ORVs.

Drive your own or a rental ORV on the dunes: State of Michigan DNRE

Stumps dot the once-forested dunes



  1. […] out my blog post about Mac Wood’s Dune Rides, which will take you on a spin in one of their red buggies if you don’t have or want to rent […]

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