Posted by: Kath Usitalo | August 24, 2010

Celebrating Summer Daze

Not sure if these are Heirloom tomatoes or tomahtoes, but they are worthy of a celebration, with salt and pepper, please

If festivals were rated like movies, there would be Blockbusters (National Cherry Festival, Arts, Beats & Eats) and the Indies, the little events that don’t have the mega-sponsors but are put together with a lot of heart, like those I came across on the way to looking up something else.

I can just imagine the committee meetings of volunteers working tirelessly to produce an event because they want to bring folks together to celebrate and share their community pride. Or maybe they just want an excuse to put up a beer tent.

Whatever the reason, a nice little festival is a good way to while away the last days of the hazy lazy crazy daze of summer. These upcoming events caught my eye:

26-29 Folk Music Festival (aka Dulcimer Festival), Midland: Traditional acoustic music and folk dance. Where else will you get to hear a Hurdy Gurdy?

27-28 Quincy Daze, Quincy: Ice cream social, bean bag tournament, Disco daze.

27-29 Pirates on the Great Lakes Festival, Port Austin: About time someone celebrated the little known Great Lakes pirates.

28 Dam Festival, Eaton Rapids: Dam tours, Dam Sundaes, vintage fireworks show on historic Miller dairy farm.

28 Haven Hill Festival, Highland State Recreation Area: Model A Ford show, vintage Base Ball game on site of Edsel & Eleanor Ford Lodge.

28 Heirloom Tomato Festival, Rockford: Taste heirloom tomatoes, buy tomato seeds. Salsa contest. No mention of throwing rotten tomatoes.

28 Scottish Festival, Kalamazoo: Pipes and Drums, Highland Dancers. Haggis, anyone?

28-29 Dragon on the Lake, Lake Orion: Teams of 21 race on 40 foot boats. Chalk art contest. (TIP: Keep your chalk dry)

There are several county fairs happening in the coming days, too. Check the Pure Michigan calendar of events for other activities.


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