Posted by: Kath Usitalo | September 7, 2010

Road Food Report: Mornin’ at Maggie’s

Eggs and fresh veggies in various combinations are the specialty each morning at Maggie's. Paige and TJ liked that his frittata (above) wasn't as "eggy" as the also tasty omelettes (Photos by TJ)

If there’s one thing our family knows how to do, it’s to stretch a six-hour drive into an eight-hour excursion. That’s just what we did last week en route to Blue Skies, our retreat in the Upper Peninsula.

My omelette was stuffed with veggies, accompanied by huge chunks of melon and rye toast

As anxious as we were to see the Lake Michigan beachhouse, we had to make a couple of stops en route, including a grocery run at Doud’s in St. Ignace.

But breakfast was at the top of the list because we wanted hit the road from the D to the UP early to avoid the Labor Day traffic (which, curiously,  never materialized) and didn’t have time to munch at home.

We decided on a spot we’d enjoyed once before, Mornin’ at Maggie’s in Bay City. The specialties are omelettes and frittatas, and that’s what we ordered. Three different combinations of fresh veggies and eggs, served with homemade toast and a choice of fresh fruit or potatoes. Great coffee, too.

Maggie’s also serves lunch and recently extended its hours to dish dinner Wednesday-Sunday. The homey spot is on the same block as fine dining at Old City Hall and Fusion 1 Cafe, Brewtopia coffee house and Rudy’s Red Lion Diner.

Maggie's is strictly B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Taxi)

Tip: Bay City’s Restaurant Week is a great time to check out the dining scene for a deal, September 27-October 3.

Mornin’ at Maggies is at 819 Saginaw Street, Bay City; phone 989-892-3142. Credit cards accepted.

There’s no website but you can find Maggie’s on Facebook.

Visitor Info Click: Bay City



  1. Yummo – and TJ’s taxi has reappeared!?!? Does he know the Joni Mitchell song?

    • Yes, that taxi is like his security blanket, he takes it everywhere. He has some great shots. Finally decided to start using them in the blog!
      Now I’ll be thinking of that tune all day…

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