Posted by: Kath Usitalo | September 8, 2010

In Tune With Their Food

I don't know if the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra plays rutabaga, but I am using this as an excuse to rerun this photo which, for some strange reason, I just love

Maybe it’s because I just came home from the high school Band Boosters meeting, but I am in a musical frame of mind and thought I’d share this information about the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra.

The unusual ensemble was brought to my attention by a friend and colleague in Indianapolis. (Yes, Indiana is a Great Lakes State—it boasts a few dunes along Lake Michigan so I can legally, morally and geographically include information about it here in the Great Lakes Gazette.)

It may look like a leek, but in the right hands it sounds like a violin

The Vegetable Orchestra will make its Midwest U.S. debut on November 6 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art during a festival called Food For Thought.

And yes, the dozen creative souls behind the leek violins, eggplant claps, pepper trumpet and carrot recorders really do make music with their food. I could just hear my Indy friend Kimberly’s giggle as she watched this YouTube video.

The Vegetable Orchestra was founded in Vienna in 1998, and actually uses veggies and fruits (such as tomato and eggplant) and dried beans to turn out sounds that are exotic, jazzy, contemporary and familiar, with a good beat.

Or would that be a good beet?

Visitor Info Click: Indianapolis



  1. I DO love rhutabagas! They are definitely a pain in the butt to peel, but worth it, hey?

    • Yum. I may have to get one today.
      Wonder what kind of music they’d make? Would have to be something with a “thud” I imagine.

  2. Great article Kath…and got a kick out of your good ‘beet’ comment! I showed my 6 year old son the video and he was cracking up – he can’t wait to see them!

    • What fun. It seems like something from an old cartoon or children’s book.

  3. Oh yeah – I love the rutabaga shot too. Very artsy! Did you take it?

    • Yes, I did take it.
      Maybe I should make a print of the photo so I don’t have to keep running it on the blog (I think this was my third time :-0

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