Posted by: Kath Usitalo | September 30, 2010

Pig Out With Plath’s

Achin’ for good bacon?

Head to Plath’s Meat, a Tip of the Mitt institution since 1913.

I brought home a pound of their thick-cut bacon and the family agreed that it was the best we’ve had. The Summer Sausage was tasty, too.  Wish we’d been able to sample some of the other smoked meats that Plath’s is known for, but I only had a small cooler with me.

The Rest of The Story: Tucker the Wonder Dog wasn’t the least bit interested in the pig’s ear (yes, it was a real pig’s ear) I brought him.

Tucker ignored the pig's ear from Plath's

Plath’s Meat is based in downtown Rogers City, on the Lake Huron shore, with a second location in Petoskey, on Lake Michigan. If you’re not traveling to the area you can phone in an order.

Plath’s Meats:

116 S. Third St., Rogers City, MI 49779; 989-734-2232


2200 East Mitchell, Petoskey, MI 49770; 231-348-8100

Visitor Info Click: Rogers City

Plath’s of Rogers City is down the street from Domaci Gallery, which I wrote about on August 25.



  1. What a great picture of Tucker! He looks so well trained.

  2. Well trained. Right. Maybe that’s the trick, give him a pig’s ear.

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