Posted by: Kath Usitalo | October 5, 2010

Get Your Pure Michigan On

Now you can do your leaf peeping decked out in a Pure Michigan hoodie and cap

Long ago when I worked at the Metro Detroit Convention & Visitors Bureau we had a closet full of things like mugs, pens, and other giveaway items imprinted with the slogan, “Detroit, Where the Wheels Gather” (this was the Motor City back then).

These items were given to meeting planners and other travel influencers to entice them to visit the area: Come to Detroit, here’s a tape measure!

Officially the goodies were referred to as Advertising Specialties, but most people called the stuff Trinkets & Trash. I understand the preferred term now is Marketing Premiums or, in some circles, swag.

Logo Coffee MugSeems that people love to collect, use and wear items with messages on them and now, due to popular demand, there are official Pure Michigan goods for sale that bear the logo of the popular and award-winning Travel Michigan Pure Michigan advertising program.

A portion of each sale is directed to funding the campaign, which needs the cash to get the beautiful images, moving music, and voice of Tim Allen promoting the wonders of the Great Lakes State back on the air.

All of the Pure Michigan items are made in the U.S.A., and the program is managed by a Battle Creek company.

The online Pure Michigan “store” opened this morning, and now anyone with a spare $6.95 can order a Pure Michigan mug or, for $14.95 select a Pure Michigan 5″x13″ Laser Engraved Wooden Cutting Board, perfect for slicing a slab of fudge.

Who couldn’t use a Pure Michigan Umbrella ($49.95 golf, $39.95 regular)?

Wearables include a choice of T-shirts and hoodies, a cute onesie for infants and Pure Michigan Moisture Management Polo shirts for men and women ($39.95 each), in case you forget your Pure Michigan Umbrellas, I guess.

Recycled BPA Free Water Bottle

I like the Pure Michigan Recycled BPA Free Water Bottle ($6.95) for filling with free, Pure Michigan water from one of several roadside flowing artesian springs across the state, like those in Alanson and Norway.

I'm sure the water from this flowing spring in Norway would taste even better in an official Pure Michigan bottle

And what other state has an official Cribbage Board ($19.95)? Someday I’ll understand why this game is so big here, especially north of the Mackinac Bridge.Cribbage Board

The Pure Michigan Suede Hot Pad/Pan Rest ($16.95) confuses me: When properly used, the Pure Michigan logo disappears under the pot, so what’s the point?

The shelves of the Pure Michigan online store are not fully stocked; more items will be added. Here are some things I’d like to see with the Pure Michigan logo:

– boxes of tissue, handy for all those folks who say they cry when they hear or see the ads on radio or TV

– chef’s apron and grilling mitt, perfect for the one who does the cooking duties at the cottage or campsite

– towels in various sizes for the beach, golf course, bowling alley, sauna, and the unemployment or jobs lines (hey, people sweat when they’re waiting for their money or vying with 1,200 other people for one of 350 positions)

– rose-colored glasses

– rubber boots, like Wellies, for getting out and enjoying our Mud Season between the time the snow melts and the grass grows

– fly swatters (anyone who has spent time in the UP understands)

– baby bibs, but instead of Pure Michigan the logo would read Puréed Michigan

NOTE: The online store is offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more, until October 18.



  1. Fun stuff….I’ll go shopping tomorrow!

    • I’m holding out for a sun visor (I don’t wear caps).

  2. Me, either…I look like a dork!?!? I was thinking maybe a tshirt or water bottle. Good Christmas stuff!

    • I hope to meet you — seems we have a lot in common. 😉

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