Posted by: Kath Usitalo | October 8, 2010

Michigan: Are You Game?

This is the weekend we in Michigan have been waiting for.

It’s the big match-up between intense rivals, with the promise of plenty of posturing, dodging, faking, and flailing about. The opponents from Ann Arbor and Lansing will put it all on the line, hoping to please their supporters and recruit new fans.



Rick Snyder, left, of Ann Arbor and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero want to be Governor of Michigan


And that’s just the one scheduled debate between the Gubernatorial candidates, Ann Arborite Rick Snyder and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, broadcast across the state at 7 p.m. Sunday.

Also this weekend a zillion fans, some of whom actually attended the University of Michigan and/or Michigan State University, will be glued to the Big Game on Saturday afternoon hoping, praying and betting that, after all the hype, blood, sweat, and inspections for materials that could prove detrimental to the health of other fans in The Big House (numbering, by the way, about the same as the population of the host city of Ann Arbor) that it’s their team that ends up with the higher number on the scoreboard.

Go Blue!

Go Green! Go White!

On Paige’s campus tour of MSU earlier this year we learned that whenever a student, fan, or other person shouts “Go Green!” the only appropriate response is, “Go White!”

I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of that during our neighborhood’s annual UM / MSU block party caused by the clash of the two undefeated rivals.

The pigskin program had left Dear Old University of Detroit long before TJ and I arrived on campus, so we never caught college football fever.

Then again, Graham is a student in Ann Arbor and he’s not a big fan, either.

In fact, he’s taking credit for Michigan’s winning streak: it’s the first year since he started at UM that he hasn’t bought season tickets to the games.

Whichever team wins it’s good to see the residents of the state can still muster some spirit and enthusiasm—although I think it would be better spent on choosing the winning sweet from each city: Ann Arbor’s fancy cakes, or freshly made ice cream at the MSU Dairy Store in East Lansing.

Then there’s that face off on the first Tuesday in November between The Nerd from Ann Arbor and the Angry Mayor from Lansing.

Any bets on that coin toss?



  1. Barry, Kiah and I are MSU graduates and Christopher went to U of M. I’m glad I’m not a big football fan…it would be impossible to decide for which team to cheer.

  2. About half my family on my mom’s side went to MSU and the other half to U of M….still, it’s never been a problem for me! GO BLUE! (Even though they got hammered yesterday 🙂 )

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